As the father of two, I understand that working, raising a family, and taking care of a home can be time and energy intensive.  After a long day at work, my wife and I find ourselves splitting errands just to keep things together. Making time for errands like running to the dry cleaner was more difficult than it should be. We were always rushing to the dry cleaner at the last minute – driving to the store, looking for parking, waiting in line, was just time consuming. We knew there had to be an easier way – that’s why I founded Perfectly Pressed in March, 2008.

Today, Perfectly Pressed is proud to simplify this often-neglected errand by offering convenient, reliable pick-up and delivery dry cleaning services right to your door! I hope your family enjoys the new-found convenience of Perfectly Pressed.
–Rami Bakri, Founder

Perfectly Pressed applies first-hand knowledge of demanding lifestyles and more than 30 years of industry experience to provide our customers with unmatched quality and reliable pick-up and delivery service delivered right to your door.

Our dry cleaning process is eco-friendly – we use an odorless, organic solution which is better for the environment and gentle on your clothes.  Rest assured that your garments will be Perfectly Pressed with no shrinkage, broken buttons or discoloration…every time!

When you entrust your clothes to Perfectly Pressed, you’ve invested in a service that enables you to focus on the important things in life at a price that’s the same, if not less, than your dry cleaner.

Let us prove our commitment to simplifying your life through exceptional customer service. Give us a try today and eliminate those inconvenient, time-consuming trips to the dry cleaner – we’ll save you 25% on your first order.

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Life can be hectic, but with Perfectly Pressed, fresh, clean clothes doesn’t have to be.